Speaker, chairman, consultant… I am IAM

Me, myself and my digital I

The world is changing at break-neck pace. We are living in a world where the physical identity is more and more interwoven with our digital identity. We all have a few of those, but how about digital identity within education? On the Dutch-language website ChannelWeb, I advocated a digital identity to access all one’s studies and trainings.

Honorary chairman & speaker

Digital identity is my great passion, which motivates me and ensures that my various activities nourish and enhance each other. Digital identity cannot exist without people and their ideas. People inspire me and ideas set me on fire. I fan that sacred fire and pass on its flame – during projects, through IDnext and during meetings. My growing activities as an honorary chairman, moderator and speaker at conferences give me plenty of scope for sharing my enthusiasm, knowledge and experience. Below, you can find some examples of my extensive and widely varied experience in the fields of digital identity, (data) privacy, risk management en security.

Honorary chairman

  • IDM Europe 2020 (Whitehall media)
  • TIIME event 2019
  • IDM Europe 2019 (Whitehall media)
  • IDnext event(s) 2012 – 2019
  • IDM Europe 2018 (Whitehall media)
  • ESRM 2018 (Whitehall media)
  • Privacy and Security event 2018 (GSMA)
  • ECS Europe 2018 (Whitehall media)
  • Enterprise Cyber security (Whitehall media)
  • Enterprise Security Risk Management (Whitehall media)
  • IDM Europe 2017 (Whitehall media)
  • ESRM 2017 (Whitehall media)
  • Data Privacy Event 2016


  • Annual EEMA conference 2019 (EEMA)
  • Annual EEMA conference 2018 (EEMA)
  • Annual EEMA conference 2017 (EEMA)
  • ISSE 2017 (EEMA)


  • IAM event 2020 (Heliview)
  • Data Privacy event 2018 (Heliview)
  • Business Process Transformation event 2018 (Heliview)
  • Annual EEMA conference 2017-2020 (EEMA)

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