Speaker, chairman, consultant… I am IAM

Me, myself and my digital I

The world is changing at break-neck pace. We are living in a world where the physical identity is more and more interwoven with our digital identity. We all have a few of those, but how about digital identity within education? On the Dutch-language website ChannelWeb, I advocated a digital identity to access all one’s studies and trainings.

Developments in the field of digital transformation and identity matters, including IAM, progress rapidly and are in full swing. I pluck them from the data stream and explore them for you.
Robert Garskamp

About Robert Garskamp

The driving force in everything I do is my interest in the world of digital identity. Every day, you come across different aspects. Actually, I have been engaged in the technical and organisational aspects of (digital) identity for two decades. All my activities reinforce each other. For instance, the IDnext platform that I founded is a lively hub where knowledge meets experience. It’s really inspiring! Subsequently, I pass on that inspiration and those insights to various organisations in my capacity as a consultant, or as a project or programme manager. Apart from that, there is little I like better than acting as an honorary chairman, moderator or speaker at conferences and meetings.

Robert Garskamp, consultancy en projectmanagement